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Gain control over your devices

Users are working everywhere not just only on your premises. This is the trend which can't changed.

Lower TCO with Windows 10

Operating systems that are approaching the end of their support are running are running on more than 50% (as of Jun 2019) of all computers worldwide. A non-uniform operating system increases the risk of security incidents but also increases operating costs. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 bring a number of new security and management capabilities. A common problem is also the migration to a new version of OS and the associated transfer of user data and settings.

Leverage our experience:

  • Fast and easy transition to the unified OS
  • Minimum impact to the user
  • Significantly increased security
  • Unified support and device management
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Key benefits for you

With more than 1 million of migrated devices, we learned a lot. During the device transformation (migration) process we are focusing primarily on the user. Nevertheless we understand your business needs, then proper migration timing and execution is crucial.

  • We bring know-how into your organization
  • Work with the best experts with
  • Have fast return of investment

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